Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Most of us have seen neon colors on signs, in advertising, and have found colors that we can use on our own to make them. There are neon markers that will only show up on black colored paper. There are also neon spinners and jewelry that you can have when you are enjoying outdoor fun. They also work well on Halloween so that cars can see children when they may be in a dark colored costume.

Neon actually doesn't have a color but due to the various types of materials it is mixed with, there are neon colors. When the human eye looks at neon, it sees a color that is between red and orange. Various gases are applied to the chemical in order to emit the various colors that you can find available now.

It is known as a chemical element that is also not is huge supply on the Earth. A large amount of it has been identified in outer space though. In order to use neon, it has to be removed from the air. This particular chemical was identified in 1898. Neon is believed to be very harmless. It is often captured in tubes and other types of materials in order to create the image.

You will definitely find many businesses that have neon signs to light up the night once the sun goes down. These are to help ensure people see what they have to offer. This can often generate an immediate response to stop in for a beer, a movie, some ice cream, or other type of item that a particular business may be offering.

Neon is very attractive and the eyes tend to be drawn to it. Those businesses that do rely on neon lighting need to make sure they keep it working well. When half of the sign lights up and the other doesn't, it reflects that your business isn't taking care of details. This can deter people from coming in to see what you have to offer.

There are all types of neon out there though. Children are often thrilled with a neon bracelet or a glow stick. They care very affordable and will last for a long time. In many instances you can freeze them in order to regenerate the life they had in them.